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Hello and thank you for visiting us at Hartman Chiropractic! If you are looking for the best chiropractic care in Santa Rosa, we welcome you. Dr. Hartman has been committed to serving patients from all over Sonoma County since he returned to the area and established this practice in 2007. We understand gentle and effective chiropractic adjustments allow the body to correct itself and heal properly. Whether you suffer from migraine headaches, sciatica, persistent lower back pain, neck pain, or simply are interested in improving your body’s health and wellness, Dr. Hartman can help!


Arthritis treatment

The Care You Deserve

“As part of my "training" program I decided it would be important to pay attention to my musculo-skeletal status. I visited Dr. Hartman for an evaluation and we began monthly interventions. I noticed immediately that my neck and shoulders felt less tense and that my upper back felt stronger. He gave me advice about how to improve my mobility and continues to encourage me to reach my goals of maintaining physical strength. Oh, what am I in training for? To live to 108!”

Chronic back pain treatment

“"I love to play racquetball, but after a fall on the court my right shoulder and upper back hurt for months. I tried massage, herbal topicals, heat, laser therapy and everything I could do to find relief. All offered temporary relief but the pain persisted. I began to become preoccupied with my pain as it was with me 7 days/week.

After a series of chiropractic treatments from Dr. Hartman I can honestly say I feel 100% better. I no longer worry about the pain going away because it is gone. I play, work, sleep, and enjoy life without hurting. I feel so much better. I also found Dr. Hartman very personable and fun to work with. I felt he was committed to my health and well-being and would recommend him to anyone with a question about how chiropractic can help them.”

Neck pain treatment

 “I would like to say Dr. Hartman has changed my life.  I lived with neck pain for over 6 years.  I tried everything to feel better with no relief. After only one visit I was driving back to work and looked at my mom and said for the first time in 6 years I have no neck pain.  Since I have been seeing Dr Hartman I haven't had any further neck pain.  I am able to do my job, activities of daily living with no pain.   At first I wasn't sure about being adjusted but know I look forward to it. Dr. Hartman is very caring and professional at what he does he always greets you with a smile.  Thank you Dr. Hartman.”                                               




I love helping my patients feel healthy and happy. If you have any questions at all, the best way to reach our office is to call.

(707) 526-4415

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